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What our customers are saying

These are fantastic socks! I use compression socks for work and through my two pregnancies. The pros are they are lightweight and colorful - something that is difficult to find with prescription compression socks.

Carol (Whitby, BC)

I have had spider veins for year and years (but) after about 2 weeks wearing Spresso socks my spider veins are about 85% GONE... You can feel your legs energize as soon as you put them on.

Happy Feet (Strathmore, AB)

The compression socks were just great. After a 20-hour flight, there were no swollen feet and I was able to enjoy my vacation from day one. It was easy to get them on too.

GHJ (Windsor, ON)

I received these as a gift. Until then I had never heard of compression socks. Hard to go back now. They are slightly thicker than my typical dress socks and feel generally tighter — which ensures that they never slide down. They are tight throughout but easy to put on and take off. I agree with others that they feel like a jolt of energy for your legs.

Erika (Ottawa, ON)

I am so happy with them. My circulation has improved, lots of energy, they fit perfectly. They are elegant, fine quality and they look beautiful. 

Alex (Toronto, ON)

I am beyond impressed, the quality is really there. I ordered a few pairs and I can wear them with everything, dressed up with a skirt and suit or just hanging out at home. These aren't your grandma's compression socks. I'm delighted that I can get the benefits of the warmth without compromising on style. They carry me from work to play, at the gym, running.. 

Elisa (Montreal, QC)

I highly recommend Spresso compression socks as the best in the industry. After many years of direct personal experience with wearing a variety of name brand knee high compression stockings, I have found that Spresso brand not only controls the varicose veins and edema, in my legs and feet, but Spresso does so with much better overall comfort, ‘breathability’, ease of use, longevity and topnotch customer service. Plus, although competitively priced, Spresso socks are expensive-looking/feeling. I believe that Spresso socks offer the best value-for-dollar out there.

DY (London, ON)

I had knee replacement surgery last year and since returning to work my dress socks have been something I no longer take for granted. My legs were cold and numb from my sock bands to my toes. After wearing my new Spresso socks for only one day I was convinced they are the last sock I will ever wear. They are amazing and worth every penny!

Ted (Connecticut)

We purchased two pairs for my wife and my mother in law, both ladies are very happy with the socks. They are feeling great relief from shin splints and muscle cramps in their lower legs. The two of them are enjoying being able to exercise in comfort and take their daily walks around the reservoir. We will be purchasing more of these in different colors as they now want to make sure they wear the socks daily, making your wife and mother in law happy is a bonus!

Marc (New Jersey, USA)

i have had swelling of ankle and legs and spider veins forever..after a couple weeks wearing Spresso socks my spider veins are about 85% is like a miracle...i like stripe color a bonus as well as plain color i have orange and purple as well as stripe...after a 12 hour car trip i could see my ankles when we arrive first time ever..this is a great product for anyone BUT if you have sore tire or swollen legs and ankles do not hesitate to purchase..your legs ankles will thank you...i will purchase more in future thanks for bringing such a great product that everyone can use..

Happy Feet and Legs (Canada)