Whatifisms and The Drawing Board

March 14, 2016

From Ughhh to Ahhhh. 

Way back, in the days before Spresso, when we thought of compression socks, we thought of dowdy, prescription-waving-in-hand, need-to-have socks, offered at the drugstore, heavy with synthetic fibers that made them stiff and conjured up images of tensor bandages wrapped around your lower extremities. But I’m not really injured. Really, do I have to wear these? What kind of colour is sand? But I need my legs to feel good when I’m sitting at my desk all day. Laying cement. Or hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. We saw athletes, who wore them for faster muscle recover and performance enhancement. Look at those socks under that tennis skirt? What’s that all about? My name isn’t Venus? I’m kinda jealous.

And so we thought. What if we engineered a sock that was so soft, so light, and so luxurious, you’d never know it was a compression sock? What if it fit in a dress shoe? What if it’s the one sock that could keep your feet comfortable all year long. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What if it was so tasteful and fashion forward, that you could wear it with jeans or a tuxedo. But it needs to be soft. Oh and the Italians, don’t they kind of know a thing or two what when we’re talking style? As in tasteful – um no cheetah, no polka dot, no neon, no pink. Logos? That’s sooo 1998. Is this too much to ask for? Did I mention soft as buttah?

So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Nylon? Nah, too sweaty. Who wants a cardboard sock. That tight band at the top - what’s that all about? And so, we finally got it right. With the perfect technical combination of fibers , we got the sock with no crunch. The perfect massage. A piece of cake to put on. Finally, we had the best of all worlds. We did it. We. Went. From. Ughh. To. Ahhhhh.

Because your assistant has more important things to do than help you put your socks on. Spresso. Like that perfect cup of coffee keeps refilling itself.