Snow Thank You: 4 Southern Hemisphere Getaways for a Sunny Xmas

Snow Thank You: 4 Southern Hemisphere Getaways for a Sunny Xmas

November 16, 2016

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it the promise of family time, novelty sweaters, lots of good food and wine and – if you’re very lucky – a pair of SPRESSO's luxury compression socks stuffed in your stocking.

What we can’t promise is good weather. No matter how much we pray for crisp blue mornings, bright winter sun and dunes of powdery snow, there’s no guarantee we’ll get the winter wonderland of our dreams. And for those of us who don’t do well in the cold, this time of year can be even worse. That’s why we’ve rustled up four gorgeous destinations in the southern hemisphere to escape to this Christmas. Just don’t forget the sunscreen…

Cape Town, South Africa

First up is South Africa’s legislative capital of Cape Town, a lively, multi-cultural city made for December holidays. Book flights here and you can enjoy an average daily temperature of 68 degrees and six hours of sunshine. You’ll be able to explore the legendary Table Mountain National Park, admire the beautiful foliage of the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and watch the sun go down from the Sea Point Promenade. History buffs should not miss a trip to Robben Island, the former prison where Nelson Mandela was once held.

Auckland, New Zealand

While the rugged mountains of New Zealand’s South Island may provide the best photos, it’s the cosmopolitan city of Auckland on the North Island that’s perfect for Christmas getaways. Home to the beautiful Rangitoto Scenic Island Reserve and the Mount Eden volcano, this waterside city is a haven for nature lovers. It’s also a hub for art, culture, shopping and cuisine, boasting some excellent galleries and museums. Best of all? In December, you can enjoy seven hours of sunshine a day and an average temperature of 64 degrees.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Argentina, December marks the beginning of summer and it brings with it hot days, plenty of sun and warm rain showers. Spend the Christmas season here and you can enjoy highs of 82 degrees, bathwater-warm sea and everything else this bustling city has to offer. Try your hand at the tango, sample the world-famous steak at a local parrilla, hunt for antiques in San Telmo, stay out clubbing until dawn, or simply get lost wandering the city’s busy streets – whatever kind of trip you want to have, Buenos Aires will accommodate you.

Muscat, Oman

With its gorgeous natural scenery, elegant architecture and luxury accommodation, Oman’s capital is a serious competitor to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Less flashy than its Emirati neighbors, this tranquil city is known for its labyrinthine souks, excellent seafood and the vast Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Muscat is also a hotspot for nature excursions – whether you’re camel trekking in the sand dunes, swimming with dolphins or hiking in the mountains. And as for the December weather? Expect 10 hours of sunshine and highs of 81 degrees.

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