Want to experience the massaging effect of SPRESSO socks?

  • Graduated compression with 15-20 mm/HG increases blood circulation to enhance leg energy and reduce leg fatigue. 
  • Breathable Dryarn® quickly transfers sweat from away from the skin to keep feet cool and dry. 
  • Thermo-insulating properties keep feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 
  • Dryarn® is 32% lighter than wool and 34% lighter than polyester. 
  • Hand-picked Egyptian cotton for exceptional softness and luxury
  • Spresso’s perfect-fit, non-binding, stay-up, comfort top eliminates pinching.
  • A reinforced flat-seamed toe ensures durability. 
  • A special processing technique ensures a perfect fit without sliding, which means no creases or wrinkles
  • Dynamic action of graduated compression gives wearers a feeling of lightness and wellbeing.