Sizing and more

How do I keep my Spresso socks looking and feeling great? A simple Two-Step.

Treat them gently and they’ll treat you to revitalized legs for a long time.

  1. Machine wash with a gentle detergent on the gentle cycle in a mesh laundry bag using the cold water setting. 
  2. Then hang to dry. 

That’s it!

SPRESSO socks are well made to hold up, but need to be protected from heat, the dryer, hot water, fabric softeners and bleach.

What about returns and exchanges? Just in case.

Your satisfaction with our products is our top priority. If you need to return or exchange a product for any reason, send us an email with RETURN or EXCHANGE in the subject within 30 days of receiving your order to

What size are you?

To enjoy optimal fit and comfort, simply measure your ankle and calf, and use this chart as a guide to your perfect size.

Ankle  Calf
18-21 cm (7” – 8¼ “)
28-34 cm (11” – 13½”)
20-23 cm (8” – 9”)
31-37 cm (12¼” – 14½)
22-25 cm (8½ – 9¾)
34-40 cm (13½ – 15¾)
24-27 cm (9½” – 10½”)
37-43 cm (14½ – 17”)
26-29 cm (10¼” – 11½”)
40-46 cm (15¾” – 18”)

Ready to Awaken your Stride?

See for yourself how SPRESSO graduated compression socks can help to increase energy levels and reduce leg swelling, tiredness or soreness, which can improve health and daily performance—with the luxurious look and feel that works with your personal style.